LGBTIQ Lawyers /Family Divorce Lawyers


Having lawyers with extensive experience volunteering at the Inner City Legal Centre in Sydney and the Fitzroy Legal Service in their respective LGBTIQ advice services, Taylor & Preston’s Family Law team has specialist expertise in LGBTIQ matters including: –

•Same sex parenting disputes;
•Financial Settlements;
•Injunctions in Financial Settlement cases;
•Asset protection and Binding Financial Agreements;
•Child Support Agreements for lesbian couples;
•Co-parenting arrangements involving three of more persons;
•Co-parenting agreements;
•Donor agreements;
•Issues of parentage arising out of Assisted Reproductive Technology;
•Altruistic surrogacy arrangements and agreements;
•Applications for parentage orders in altruistic surrogacy arrangements;
•Overseas commercial surrogacy arrangements;
•Applications for parenting orders in overseas commercial surrogacy arrangements;
•Special medical procedure cases involving transgender adolescents.

Acting on behalf of clients from the LGBTIQ community demands more than an understanding of the legal principles involved relevant to the matter. It requires an understanding of underlying issues unique to members of the LGBTIQ community which may be contributing to an issue in dispute, and of social issues facing members of the LGBTIQ community. And importantly, being treated as an equal with the courtesy and respect anyone else would expect.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to engage other professionals in Family Law matters, such as Child Consultants in parenting disputes, counsellors in surrogacy matters or forensic accountants in financial settlement disputes. We only use relevant professionals with experience in the LGBTIQ community.

Whatever Family Law issue you have, we will explain the applicable law in a clearly understood manner, and we will work towards achieving the best possible outcome as efficiently as possible

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